Story Islands are one of the three main Island types. The game doesn't have a true story, but unlike other islands, Story Islands are only unlocked as the player completes the previous Story Island, and become progressively more difficult.

There are three difficulties on each island: Normal, Hard, and Hell. On normal, completing an island unlocks the next island. On completing Hard or Hell mode for each island, the player receives an increase in max energy (Energy), +2 for all islands on Hard and all islands on Hell through Moonlight Desert, +3 for Boneyard Island on Hell, +4 for Dino Gorge, and +5 for Robo Island.[verify]

Some of the game's more powerful monsters only appear as bosses and drops on higher difficulties.

Sprout Island Edit

Sprout island
Drop List: Sprout Island

The beginning for the beginner. There are some C-Class common, B-Class uncommon, and C-Class material monsters here. Completing this island unlocks an additional monster slot for each team.

Lake Island Edit

Lake Island
Drop List: Lake Island

Still for the beginner. Most of the monsters are lower-class, but this island also features Stonn, Brickett, Ice-Cube, and Mossmasher that can evolve into Epic defenders.

Desert Isle Edit

Desert Island
Drop List: Desert Isle

This is the first story island that drops B-Class rare monsters, and all of them can evolve to Legendary.

Moonlight Desert Edit

Moonlight Desert
Drop List: Moonlight Desert

Dratula, Reditula, Pretula, and Greentula first appear here, along with Feril, whose Legendary form features a skill with very fast cooldown.

Boneyard Island Edit

Boneyard Island
Drop List: Boneyard Island

The first S-Class Legendary monsters appear here. Cero, Trama, Dera, and Pari originally only evolved into Super Rare monsters, but their newer Epic and Legendary forms, while difficult to obtain, are good provokers.

Dino Gorge Edit

Dino Gorge
Drop List: Dino Gorge

This dino-themed island also features the A-Class dragons, Glinthide, Rubyhide, Azurehide, and Jadehide.

Robo Island Edit

Robo Island
Drop List: Robo Island

Tough, but there is a trick to beat easily. Just use certain skills to attack them (bleed, poison, chill, and burn). A-Class birds, S-Class Robot, and at higher difficulties, Panzer, Lavatron, Oceanik, and Rollergor are here.

Sky Island Edit

Sky Island
Drop List: Sky Island

Very tough but worthwhile. Almost all of the monster at the login screen are here (in their initial form); Griffpup, Doorbot V1, Nimby, and Danica.

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