Attribute Fire Attr Icon Fire
Class C Icon
Stats Lvl.1
HP HP Icon 233 552+138
ATK ATK Icon 54 83+20
DEF DEF Icon 50 50+0
REC REC Icon 103 219+54
MANA MANA Icon 100
Evolves From Li'l Flame
Evolves Into King Flame
Evolve Material O. Drank
Location Robo Island (Robo-5)

Sir Flame
Sir Flame Icon
Star IconStar Icon
Uncommon Icon

Sir Flame Pic
Evolution Tree

Li'l Flame Icon Right Arrow Sir Flame Icon Right Arrow King Flame Icon
Li'l Flame Sir Flame King Flame
Plus Icon Plus Icon
O. Fruit Icon O. Drank Icon
O. Fruit O. Drank

Leader Skills
Attack Compressed Fire Ball
Attack with 100% ATK
Thorns Thorns
Returns 50% of the damage dealt by enemies for 15s
Support Skill
Attack + Heal Absorb Health
Recovers HP while attacking
Passive Ability

Increases leader's HP by 300

Li'l Flame Left Arrow Sir Flame Right Arrow King Flame