This page is an index for the pets available in Monster Squad. Pets are a new feature in patch 2.00.16962. You can use pets to boost your monsters' stats and make them even more powerful in battle.

A pet is a separate monster with no level, that can only be replaced by another pet, as a consequence destroying the previous equipped pet. The pet's stats and passive skills will be added to your monster once equipped.

There is a level requirement to equip a pet :

  • level 30 to equip ★ (Common) and ★★★★ (Super Rare)
  • level 33 to equip ★★ (Uncommon)
  • level 35 to equip ★★★ (Rare)

You can use either Gold or Gems to equip a monster with a pet. The value of gems needed to equip the pet is less than the value of gold needed.

Pets do not get destroyed when you evolve or awaken a monster.

Super rare pets can only be bought with 50 Gems.

Pets stats are adding on base stats : boost +5 will increase their stats too.

The bonus +% ATK has a strange effect :

  • +3% ATK → always +30 ATK
  • +5% ATK → always +50 ATK
  • +10% ATK → always +100 ATK

Pets Edit

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