About Monster Squad Edit

Monster Squad is a strategy game requiring differing levels of user input depending on game mode and settings. The main purpose of the game is to build squads of monsters and use them to complete quests. Each monster has a normal attack and one or more special abilities, which have various effects, including direct attacks, healing, ally buffs, enemy debuffs, and more. More and more powerful squads can be built by training and upgrading monsters, and more powerful squads allow the player to acquire even better monsters. The game has a thin "story", special quests, and various other modes of play. In-game resources are critical for game progression - some replenish over time, while others are acquired through play, and almost all can also be purchased using real-world currency. The game also features daily, weekly, and monthly special missions, daily rewards, and other temporary bonuses (such as improved drop rates, etc.).


Getting Started Edit

When you open the game, you are greeted by Firepaw, your first monster. He walks you through the basics of the game, and shows you what everything does. On the main screen, your team is shown on the back of a whale. Here, you can select a monster, and see their stats, their evolution tree, and other info about the monsters there.


From these screen, there are a lot of options. The game has a team ranking system on the top right, where it averages out your team, and grades them, on a scale from D (Being the lowest) to an SS (Being the highest). Underneath that is the Team Type box. The different team times are Attacker, Supporter, and Defender. The rest of the screen are just basic functions and info, from the game store, to daily/weekly/endless challenges. At the top of this screen, it shows you your friend points, energy, money, and gems. All of these are obtainable without purchase through the game store. If you are confused on what something is, hit the [?] on the top right of the screen.

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