*Note* Please verify these glitches and bugs. Make sure it isn't a single game issue.


Although the game is small, there are still some complications that cause the game to not work right.

  • Durring an arena match, if you hit the auto button (top left of screen)while your opponent is attacking, the game will crash. (Counting the arena as a loss)

Last encountered: Version 1.10.13650 (1/21/2015) - Verified and False

  • During an arena match, if your lead monster, and your opponents lead monster both use their signature move (Right most, causes mini cutscene) at the same time and overlap, the game will crash. (Counting the arena as a loss)

Last Encountered: Version Unknown (12/4/2014) - Not Verified

  • For a couple hours one day, there was a 2nd 300pt honor box, it showed the image of slayergal, but the name read "Denuris".

This was a short time after the honor point system was released, I don't know the exact date/time. ~Djradnad

  • There was an unknown water monster added to the index on March 12th, but then removed from the index on March 20th. ~Djradnad


  • Durring an arena match, if you knock out the opponents lead monster while another monster on the opponents side is attacking, it will sometimes play the death sound of the opponents monster that is attacking, and not the leaders.

Last Encountered: Version 1.10.13650 (1/21/2015)

  • On the main menu, after accepting friends, the word NEW will continue to flash untill it is tapped again, showing no new friends (Unless more requests came in in those few seconds.)

Last Encountered: Version 1.10.13650 (1/21/2015) - Not Verified

  • On the main menu, even if you recently checked your mail, if there is anything still in the box, it will continue to flash NEW, until it is empty, not checked.

​Last Encountered: Version 1.10.13650 (1/21/2015) - Not Verified

All Verified Bugs and Glitches will remain on this page untill proven that they are no longer present in the game. 

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